Rare Golden Tiger spotted in Kaziranga National Park!

A rare golden tiger was spotted in Kaziranga National Park few days back which was captured by a wildlife photographer Mayuresh Hendre. Kaziranga National Park is known for one-horned rhinos and it is home from other wildlife species like wild buffaloes, Barsingha, Indian Hog Deer, Western hoolock gibbon, Indian Muntaj and others.

Golden tiger is a rare animal that have a colour variation caused by a recessive gene like white tigers and black tigers, however it is a colour form and not a separate sub-species. The Golden Tiger is known for its blonde or pale-golden color and red-brown (not black) stripes, the golden tiger coloring comes from a recessive trait referred to as “wideband” which affects the production of black during the hair growth cycle.

The image of the rare golden tiger was shared by IFS Praveen Kaswan and the picture was clicked by Mayuresh Hendre and he stated that ” They (golden tigers) are very rare and some say it is caused by a recessive gene that gets expressed due to extensive inbreedeing”.

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