SC suggests Centre to put new farm laws on hold

The  Supreme Court on Thursday acknowledged the right of farmers to Non-violent protests and raised the idea of putting on hold the Farm Laws to enable negotiations with agitating farmers which was opposed by the Centre saying.

Agriculturists would then not come forward for the talks. The Apex Court, which made it clear that the issue of farmers’ protest and the right to move freely of others would be dealt on priority and not the validity of laws at the moment, also said it was thinking of setting up an “impartial and independent” panel of Agriculture experts and Farmer Unions to resolve the impasse.

The Top Court said it was of the view that the farmers’ right to protest should not infringe the fundamental rights of others to move freely and in getting essential food and other supplies as right to protest cannot mean blockade of the Entire City. The Supreme Court said it was not asking the Centre to stay the Farm Laws but only suggesting that its implementation be put on hold for the time being to enable the farmers to talk with the Government.

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