Shooting Attack In E. Jerusalem Settlement, 8 Killed & 10 Injured

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Guwahati: As many as 8 persons were killed in a devastating terror attack on a synagogue in Jerusalem on Friday, according to a statement from Israel’s foreign ministry.

The gun attack outside a synagogue on Neve Yaakov Street about 8:15 p.m. (local time) left 10 persons injured, according to the official statement. Immediately following the attack, the paramedics arrived at the scene of the incident.

“8 killed, 10 injured in synagogue in #Jerusalem terror attack Paramedics have arrived onto the scene and began providing treatment to those injured,” the official Twitter handle of Israel’s foreign ministry tweeted.

According to authorities, the alleged shooter was also later dead by officers.

The skirmishes which left nine Palestinians dead including an elderly woman on Thursday in the Jenin refugee camp, led to the incident.

According to CNN, the raid that occurred in the West Bank city brought the total number of Palestinians murdered by Israeli forces this year to 29.

In addition, Israel conducted a number of bombing raids in the centre of the Gaza Strip in response to rocket assaults by Gazan militants, claiming that the raids would “significantly impair” Hamas’ efforts to develop its arsenal.

The Bottom of Form factory, located underground in the Maghazi refugee camp in central Gaza, is where missiles are made, according to the Israel Defense Force (IDF).

“The attack will lead to significant harm to Hamas’ efforts to build up its arms,” the IDF said in a statement, according to The Times of Israel.

Videos shared on social media from the airstrikes in Gaza showed a number of big explosions.

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