Sikkim Government allows Inter-State Movement in the state

The Sikkim Government has started the inter-state movement of vehicle as well people as all restrictions have been removed on movement of people across its border. Now state is allowing inter-state movement without restriction or registration from today as a part of unlock process.

The Health Department has issued a notice stating that this was decided in a meeting of the State Task Force on COVID-19 held today. No quarantine will be required for persons entering Sikkim from outside the state. There is no restriction on those who want to exit the state as well. The notice also mentions that “more focus” will be given to symptomatic patients for testing.

Earlier, the screening teams of Health Department stationed at the Melli and Rangpo check posts were also withdrawn. This means that no testing will take place at the borders from now on.

Report by Prakash, Special Correspondent Sikkim

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