State-Wise List of Winter Vacations Due to Cold Weather

Guwahati: It is hard to get out of bed and go to school on a freezing winter morning. Winter vacations have been implemented in numerous states around the country.

Here is a state-wise list of winter holidays in schools.

Rajasthan: Winter break lasts for twelve days in Rajasthani schools. The state will be on winter break beginning on December 25 and continuing through January 5, 2023. The Rajasthan board changed the balance of vacation days this year, increasing the number of winter days and decreasing the number of summer days.

Delhi: The Delhi government has decreed that all schools in Delhi would be closed from January 1 to January 12 as part of the winter break. All public schools will be closed from January 1 to January 12, 2023, for the duration of the winter vacation, under instructions from the Directorate of Education, according to a notice released by the state government. Only students in grades 9 through 12 will be able to take remedial classes in schools from January 2 through January 14.

Uttar Pradesh: The intense cold and dense fog have caused some districts in Uttar Pradesh to modify their school schedules. In order to protect student security, the Ghaziabad District Magistrate has ordered all primary and secondary schools, madrasa education boards, Sanskrit schools, and council schools to start all classes at 9 am. This is due to the fact that visual problems have been implicated in several mishaps.

Punjab schools will be closed from January 3 to 13, 2023, whereas central and southern Punjab will have winter holidays from December 23, 2022, to January 6, 2023.

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