Strong river current carried away a pregnant Deer

The deer was being carried away by the strong river current of Jiding Kho River. At a time when the entire country is enraged over the killing of a pregnant elephant, Army jawans risked their lives to rescue a pregnant deer from drowning. The incident happened on June 2 when a patrolling party in Tenga noticed a deer being carried along the swift flow of the Jiding Kho river. The current was strong and the jawans feared for its life and  immediately swung into action and rescued the deer and the animal was later identified as an endangered species of barking deer.

While giving some medial aid to the deer it was found that she was pregnant. Forest department officials were also called in to help provide immediate medical aid to the deer. The team was pleasantly surprised to discover that it was pregnant. They realised that they had saved two lives. After the animal recovered from the trauma, it was handed over to forest official Millo Tasser, DFO of the Shergaon Forest Division. It was later released in the Eagle Nest Wildlife Sanctuary in West Kameng District.

‘I can’t describe or qualify the behaviour as a human trait. But, I think, if a situation or an emergency presents itself, this willingness to help other suffering beings may be inherent to the personnel of the Inđian Army’ said the DFO. At a time when the nation is seething with anger and shock over the brutal killing of a pregnant elephant in Kerala, actions like this bring hope.

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