Tea With Cigarette: How Does it Affects Your Health?

Guwahati: Tea drinkers often make mistakes which starts to adversely affect their health. Many people want to taste tea while smoking cigarettes. While smoking or drinking alcohol alone is sufficient for health harm, some people put their health at greater risk by drinking tea with cigarettes and alcohol. If you also drink tea along with cigarettes or alcohol, it’s time to be aware.

Dr Schumekar, a scientist at The Institute of Cancer Research has revealed in a study that consuming about 750 milliliters of alcohol in a week puts you at risk of deadly diseases such as cancer, just as drinking 5 cigarettes a week is at risk. And when you drink both cigarettes and alcohol together, think about how the risk of the disease increases.

Why we shouldn’t have cigarettes with tea and coffee?

If you are used to smoking cigarettes with tea or coffee, then it means that you are consuming two drugs at the same time. One addiction is caffeine and the other is cigarette itself. Both tea and coffee contain caffeine. When you consume caffeine as well as smoke cigarettes your lungs start to get badly affected.

Many parts of the body can be affected

You must be aware that smoke from cigarettes contains carbon monoxide gas which in turn lowers the level of oxygen in the blood. Also, smoking cigarettes with coffee and tea makes the situation worse. This will not affect your lungs it will also have a bad effect on other parts of the body.

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