Tripura CM helps a child for proper heart treatment

With the efforts of Chief Minister Biplob Kumar Dev and Teliamura Legislative Assembly MLA and Chief Whip of Tripura Legislative Assembly Smt. Kalyani Roy, the 14-month-old son returned home healthy from Bangalore. Arnish Nandi, an 14-month-old son of Animesh Nandi, a resident of Laltila village in Teliamura sub-division, had a leak in his heart valves. Due to lack of money, the householder Arnish Nandi could not do the treatment. Upon receiving this news, Mrs. Kalyani Roy, MLA of the area, went to the house of Animesh Nandi of Laltila village to inquire about the children. Later, MLA Mrs. Kalyani Roy informed the Chief Minister of the state about the matter.

Later, Chief Minister Biplob Kumar Dev arranged for the treatment of Arnish Nandi, an 14-month-old baby boy of Laltila village in Teliamura subdivision. On that occasion, Animesh Nandi took her 18-month-old baby son to Bangalore for treatment. The baby recovered and returned home with a 14-day home quarantine.

Now the 14-month-old child Arnish Nandi is now completely healthy. His parents said that it was a money problem as well as a lockdown problem. But with the blessings of the Chief Minister and MLA of Teliamura, the baby has returned home completely healthy, for which the he is thankful of Chief Minister Biplob Kumar Dev and Teliamura MLA Mrs. Kalyani Roy.

Report by Bikram Karmakar, Special Correspondent Tripura

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