Tripura Launches TIPRA HAM Loan Scheme to Empower Indigenous Youths

Northeast 10th July: In a bid to provide sustainable livelihoods to unemployed indigenous youths in the Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council (TTAADC), the administration has rolled out the TIPRA HAM Loan Scheme. This initiative aims to boost economic empowerment and entrepreneurial opportunities among the indigenous Tiprasa community.

Former Tipra Motha Chairman and royal scion Pradyot Kishore Manikya Debbarma inaugurated the scheme, highlighting its significance in promoting socio-economic development and financial inclusion within TTAADC. The TIPRA HAM Loan Scheme, facilitated in collaboration with Tripura Grameen Bank, offers subsidized loans at minimal interest rates.

“The TIPRA HAM Loan Scheme encompasses various financial initiatives aimed at enhancing mobility, supporting entrepreneurial ventures, and increasing wage-earning capacity among unemployed indigenous youths,” stated Pradyot.

Emphasizing transparency and accessibility, Pradyot noted the introduction of an online portal for loan applications, accessible across all Village Councils within TTAADC. Applicants can avail auto loans tailored for commercial purposes, including E-Auto options to promote a Clean and Green Tripura initiative.

“As part of this scheme, charging points will be installed in households of loan beneficiaries,” highlighted Pradyot, underlining the innovative approach to support electric vehicle adoption.

The scheme requires beneficiaries to contribute around 15% of the loan amount, ensuring affordability and fostering self-reliance among indigenous youths in TTAADC areas.

“This initiative reflects our commitment to providing opportunities for economic growth and self-sustainability among our people,” concluded Pradyot, expressing optimism about the scheme’s potential to stimulate employment and economic activities in the district council areas.

The TIPRA HAM Loan Scheme represents a proactive step towards empowering indigenous communities and fostering a robust economic environment within Tripura’s tribal regions.

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