ULFA-I Urges Public to Watch Film Addressing Drug Abuse

Guwahati, 8th May: The banned militant outfit United Liberation Front of Asom (Independent) (ULFA-I) has sent out an email message urging the public to watch producer Ratul Barua’s film ‘Protisruti’, which highlights the detrimental impact of excessive drug abuse among youngsters and its repercussions on society.

In the public message, ULFA-I emphasizes the importance of taking measures to prevent the spread of drug abuse and illegal trafficking among the younger generation of Assam. They stress that today’s youth are the future of the country and their well-being is crucial for the society’s interests. The outfit expresses concern over the rising addiction among young people and the devastating effects it has on their physical and mental health, as well as on families and society at large.

Referring to their own stance against drug use and trafficking in the early 1990s, ULFA-I underscores the need for collective action to combat the issue. They criticize the authorities for allegedly failing to effectively address the problem and accuse some members of law enforcement of being involved in drug trafficking.

ULFA-I highlights the upcoming release of ‘Protisruti’, an Assamese film by Ratul Barua, addressing the theme of drug abuse. They call upon every parent, concerned individual, and youth of the society to watch the film, urging cinema halls in Assam to screen it for at least three to four weeks starting from May 24, 2024. They also request a temporary halt in the screening of other Hindi films during this period to prioritize the viewing of ‘Protisruti’.

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