Union Minister Kiren Rijiju Showcases Traditional Farming in Arunachal Pradesh

Northeast Desk, 11th July: Union Minister Kiren Rijiju recently offered a glimpse into his life as a traditional farmer in Arunachal Pradesh, describing the state as “heaven” and “God’s own creation.” In a social media post accompanied by a video, Rijiju highlighted his involvement in jhum farming, a traditional slash-and-burn agricultural method prevalent in Northeast India.

The video features Rijiju trekking uphill to tend to his farm and care for his Mithun, a semi-domesticated bovine species native to the region. Rijiju is seen feeding the animals, which he fondly refers to as his “Mithun Family,” and reports that they are in good health.

Despite his busy schedule as a Union Minister, Rijiju maintains his connection to his rural roots. He acknowledged that his ministerial duties limit the time he can devote to farming but expressed gratitude for the villagers’ assistance in maintaining his agricultural activities.

Rijiju’s post provides a rare insight into the personal life of a politician and serves to promote the natural beauty and cultural richness of Arunachal Pradesh, potentially boosting interest in the state’s agriculture and tourism sectors.

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