Victim Not Actual Wife Of Absconding Suspect In Fancy Bazar Murder Case

Guwahati: In a shocking development, it has now come to light that the woman who was recovered dead at a hotel in Guwahati on Wednesday was not the wife of the prime suspect who is now absconding.

The recovery of a woman’s death in a Hotel Rajhans room in Guwahati’s Fancy Bazar area earlier in the day horrified both the police and hotel workers.

As per initial reports, it was suspected that the woman had been staying at the hotel along with the husband, who was missing since the incident came to the fore.

The missing husband was quickly identified as the main suspect in connection with the case. Now, it has been established that he was not the woman’s husband.

The suspect was identified by authorities as Faizuddin after a preliminary inquiry. His family members were questioned regarding his whereabouts, and it turned out that the deceased woman was not his wife.

According to reports, the actual wife of Faizuddin is currently at Boro Pahar in Goalpara district of Assam. She was identified as Aasma Begum. According to the police, Faizuddin’s brother revealed this.

Meanwhile, police are yet to establish any residential address of the victim woman, Taznima Khatum, whose body was found in the hotel room.

Moreover, authorities claimed that they found the victim’s body with one end of a blanket put in her mouth. Her head was covered with the remaining portion of the blanket. Strangulation marks were also spotted on her neck.

Officials stated that the death appeared to have been caused by asphyxiation at first glance, adding that it appeared that she had been strangled and that her mouth had been stuffed in order to prevent her from screaming for help.

In addition, officials reported that they had only found the woman’s flip flops in the room.

It should be mentioned that the crime was brought to light today when hotel staff found the woman’s lifeless body. The woman had been a guest at the hotel since January 14 and had previously hardly left her room, they said.

The hotel staff decided to go inside the room because it had been entirely closed since Tuesday, which led to suspicion. The body of the woman was found when the room was unlocked using the master key. Police was soon informed about the matter and they are investigating all possible angles. The prime suspect remains untraceable as of yet.

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