Wildlife Crime Unit Apprehends Two Women with Red-Collared Doves

Northeast Desk, 8th May: During a routine market raid on May 7 at Lengrijan Tuesday Bazar, Dimapur, the Wildlife Crime Control Unit, Wildlife Division Dimapur, apprehended two women in possession of a total of 79 red-collared doves.

Rohila Ronghangpi (42 years) and Meena Enghipi (50 years), both permanent residents of Monsing Teron Village, Dillai, Assam, were found with 35 and 44 live-collared doves respectively, according to a press release issued by the crime unit.

Both accused individuals have been detained by the Wildlife Crime Control Unit, Wildlife Division, Dimapur and will be dealt with according to the relevant section of the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972.

The Wildlife Division, Dimapur, has urged the public to refrain from buying, dealing with, or selling wild animals, birds, bushmeat, wildlife articles, trophies, etc.

Additionally, they issued a stern warning against creating content on hunting or trapping wild animals and birds on social media, as well as displaying or sharing any wildlife items through social media platforms, emphasizing that such actions constitute serious offenses punishable under the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972.

The Wildlife Division emphasized that a dedicated team of the Wildlife Crime Control Unit remains vigilant 24×7, and offenders will face strict punishment.

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