Will never sign the Naga Accord, if we don’t get separate flag-constitution: NSCN(IM)

Naga rebel group NSCN(IM) has stated that they would never withdraw their demands of having a separate flag and constitution from the Naga Accord. The group has also said that if there demands are not met in the accord then would not sign the Naga accord with the Government of India. And also NSCN(IM) top conveyor has refuted all the media reports regarding finalising the Naga Accord.

The top NSCN(IM) conveyor has said that “The Centre can’t compare Kashmir with Nagaland as Nagas have never joined the union of India. We have not signed the Instrument of Accession.”  The conveyor has also said that the talks with Central Government is on but if their demands for a separate flag and constitution are not met then NSCN(IM) will never sign the Naga Accord.




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