World’s ‘loneliest elephant’ heads to Cambodia from Pakistan

World’s loneliest Elephant leaves Pakistan for retirement in Cambodia. US singer Cher helped free Kaavan-overweight, 36 year-old bull elephant. From Pakistan, the elephant will travel via a Russian transport jumbo jet. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has tanked Cher for helping the jumbo.

Kaavan is the only Asian elephant in Pakistan- the tiny number of other pachyderms at other zoos are African. A team of vets and experts from four paws have spent months working with Kaavan to get him ready for the trip to Cambodia, which has included training the elephant to enter the massive mental transport create that will be placed in a cargo plane for the seven-hour flight.

Experts spent hours coaxing slightly sedated kaavan into a specially constructed metal create at one point using ropes to help pull him in that was to be hoisted onto a lorry and taken to Islamabad airport.

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