World’s Most Expensive Mango That Costs Rs 2.70 Lakhs Per Kg

Guwahati, 4 June: Will you ever pay more than a lakh for a kilogramme of mango despite the market being swamped with numerous types that are available at various prices? There is a mango that is the most expensive mango in the world and here’s why.

Due to its brilliant colour and egg-like shape, the most costly mango in the world is known as the Miyazaki mango or Taiyo-no-Tamago, “Egg of the Sun.”

According to reports, these mangoes are grown in Japan’s Miyazaki city between April and August when the crop is at its peak. When ripe, they start out purple and turn fiery crimson. A single Miyazaki mango can weigh about 350 grammes and costs Rs 2.70 lakh per kilogramme on the international market. Also, one mango can grow up to 900 grams in weight. 

The cultivation of Miyazaki was first started in Miyazaki of Japan but is now accessible in India, Bangladesh, Thailand and the Philippines. It is frequently regarded as a variety of Irwin mango.

According to specialists, this mango variety needs a typical type of warm weather, abundant rainfall and prolonged sunlight all of which Miyazaki city provides. This mango variety is pricey due to the sophisticated method involved in growing it.

Additionally, each mango is enclosed in a tiny net to help the fruit absorb sunlight uniformly, giving it a consistent ruby-red hue. Additionally, in some locations, reflectors are used beneath the plant to bounce sunlight upward. The flavor of this mango has been compared as mango-flavored candy with coconut and pineapple hints.

In addition to being brimming with beta-carotene, folic acid and antioxidants, it has a sugar level that is 15% or more than that of regular mangoes. This non-fibrous mango cultivar has very delicate flesh that is excellent for smoothies and shakes and is beneficial for improving vision.

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