17 Years of Baralunga Incident , Horrific Killings that Shocked Tripura

It was a gloomy night of August 14, 2003 where 16 peoples were ruthlessly killed by extermists in Krishnapur Baralunga village under Teliamura Police Station and now twenty years later Jamuna Sarkar a victim’s wife  could not forget the pain of losing 4 members of the family including husband, son and daughter on the same day even after twenty years. Even today the the incident seems to be shining in front of it Jamuna Sarkar eyes.

On Sunday My News NE Tripura’s correspondent Bikram Karmakar went to the cursed village of Baralunga to find out how the relatives of the deceased spent their days after the incident and how much support they received from the previous Left Front government at that time. Jamuna Sarkar said in a half-broken throat that 16 people were killed by extremists in the genocide at the time. After that incident the helpless families are now sheltering in other people’s houses and the families has also appealed to the current BJP and IPFT coalition government in the state for help.

Ranjit Sarkar, an elected member of Khowai District Council that the BJP-IPFT coalition government in the state is currently working in the interest of the people and this time he will take the initiative and see how those families can be taken under the government facilities and how the government can take care of them.

Report by Bikram Karmakar, Special Correspondent Tripura




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