2,003 metric tonnes of Pineapples produced in Tripura during COVID Lockdown

The Agriculture and Tourism Minister of  Tripura Pranjit Singh Roy addressed a press conference at the Agartala General Assembly on Saturday. In the meeting, the minister said that ‘Prime Minister’s Crop Insurance Scheme’ has been introduced in the state this year under the name ‘Chief Minister’s Crop Insurance Scheme.

A total of 2,04,355 paddy farmers in the state have come under this scheme during 2020 season. This is a huge achievement for a small state like Tripura and the sale has been more than last time. He further said that the department has been making all out efforts for sale of pineapple in the state during the COVID time.

So far 2003 metric tonnes of pineapple has been produced for sale in export market. Although there are some problems in marketing flowers due to COVID-19. The state government has provided financial assistance to 693 flower growers from the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund.

Report by Bikram Karmakar, Special Correspondent Tripura


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