6 Accused of Kidnap-Murder Case Sent to 7-Day Police Custody In Guwahati

Guwahati: Six people have been placed in seven-day police custody on suspicion of murder and kidnapping in the Biswajit Hazarika case.

A Guwahati court on Tuesday ordered the seven-day police custody of all six defendants.

It should be noted that on the evening of October 9 of last year, Biswajit Hazarika was abducted while he was riding home in a rickshaw. The kidnappers demanded a ransom of Rs. 40 lakhs and delivered a video of Biswajit in exchange for their release.

An unidentified body was found in Assam’s Nellie area on November 1 after a month, and it was eventually determined to be Biswajit’s.

The victim’s parents requested an investigation from the Guwahati Commissioner of Police on February 9 following the incident. Six people were then arrested in connection with the kidnapping and murder case when the police began an investigation.

Meanwhile, Guwahati Commissioner of Police Diganta Barah has offered monetary prizes for those police officers who made significant contributions to the case of the kidnapping and murder. Barah has announced financial incentives for the 24 policemen and police officers who participated in the investigative team

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