863 Buildings With Cracks Identified So Far In Joshimath Crisis

Guwahati: Chamoli District Magistrate (DM) Himanshu Khurana on Saturday undertook an on-the-spot assessment of the area designated in the Joshimath Dhak hamlet as having been damaged by the ground collapse.

The DM instructed the RWD to deliver a contour map of the land in Dhak as quickly as possible. A comprehensive strategy for relocation should be created by Central Building Research Institute (CBRI) after consulting the impacted parties.

The Joshimath municipal region contains 863 buildings that have developed fractures as a result of subsidence, according to the district administration.

Out of these, 181 buildings have reportedly been designated as being in the dangerous zone by the DM. Chamoli District Magistrate Himanshu Khurana stated that there have been reports that some places have seen structural fissures deepen as a result of recent severe snowfall in Uttarakhand.

According to Khurana, teams from the State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) and the police are prepared in case a disaster occurs as a result of the significant snowfall in Joshimath.

He mentioned the state of the relief camps in Joshimath and stated that the crew is striving to give the family all the amenities they require.

“Due to heavy snowfall in Joshimath, reports have been received that in a few areas cracks in buildings have widened. Our team is working to provide all the necessary facilities like heaters, hot water, and others,” said Himanshu Khurana.

He said that a senior engineer from the engineering department was on hand to keep an eye on any electricity issues at the relief camps.

“An executive-level engineer is present in the camp to monitor electricity problems in the relief camps,” said Himanshu Khurana.

Earlier on January 20, Ranjit Kumar Sinha, the secretary of disaster management, gave a media briefing on the rehabilitation and relief efforts taking place in Joshimath. He revealed that an amount of Rs 4 lakhs, or Rs 50,000 per family, has been allocated as immediate assistance to the eight affected tenants.

According to Sinha, more over Rs 3.27 crores had been provided as advance aid to 218 affected families in Joshimath.

Incidentally, along with Joshimath, the same phenomenon of land subsidence is also being reported from other areas of Uttarakhand including Uttarkashi, Tehri, Pauri, and Karanprayag.

Secretary of Disaster Management, Ranjit Kumar Sinh briefed the media earlier on Friday about the rehabilitation and relief efforts taking place in Joshimath and revealed that a total of Rs 4 lakhs—or Rs 50,000 per family—had been allocated as immediate assistance to the eight affected tenants.

He stated that 218 affected families in Joshimath had received advance relief totaling more than Rs 3.27 crores.

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