ABP News C-Voter indicates BJP’s win in Assam Assembly Polls

In an opinion Poll conducted on Saturday by ABP News C-Voter in Four Indian States and a Union Territory where Assembly Elections will be held from March 27 revealed that the Ruling BJP Government will retains its throne in Assam once again. The opinion Poll results were published after the Election Commission announced the Election dates for West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Assam, Kerala, and Pondicherry on Friday. The Elections across all the States and Union Territory will begin from March 27 and the results will be announced from May 2. The opinion Poll results stated that the Bharatiya Janata Party will have a sweeping win in Assam and Pondicherry. However, the Party would not have a smooth ride in Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, and Kerala. The Poll results suggested that Trinamool Congress and Left Democratic Front will retain seats in Bengal and Kerala respectively, while, DMK will emerge victorious in Tamil Nadu. Highlights of the ABP News C-Voter Opinion Poll Results:

BJP+Alliance parties – 68-76 seats
Congress+Alliance parties – 43-51 seats
Others – 5-10 seats

Trinamool Congress – 148-164 Seats (vote percentage 43%)
BJP – 92-108 Seats (vote percentage 38%)
Congress+Alliance Parties – 31-39 seats (vote percentage 13%)

LDF – 83-91 seats
UDF – 47-55 seats
BJP – 0-2 seats
Others – 0-2 Seats

DMK+Alliance Parties – 154-162 Seats
AIADMK-BJP – 58-66 seats
Others – 8-20 seats

BJP+Alliance parties – 17-21 seats
Congress-Alliance Parties – 8-12 seats
Others – 1-3 seats

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