Akhil Gogoi Suspended from Assembly for 2nd Day

Guwahati: Independent MLA Akhil Gogoi has been suspended for a second day from the winter session of the Assam Assembly by Speaker Biswajit Daimary for “disrupting proceedings”.

Gogoi was asked to apologize to Minister Atul Bora for raising question on border issue.

Gogoi was taken out of the House by putting marshals.

Gogoi is accused of disrupting the meeting by acting inappropriately while the minister was responding to the query.

After being suspended, Gogoi said, “I am proud on being suspended while questioning on the land issue.”

He was also suspended on the first day of the assembly session on Tuesday.

The Speaker had previously refused the Sivasagar lawmaker’s request to add a question about violence against women.

Speaker Biswajit Daimary told Gogoi to ask question rather than giving lecture and suspended him from the Assembly. 

After being suspended, Gogoi said that the house was only intolerant against him out of the opposition MLAs. “The government wants to do injustice to the constituency by re-determining the Sivasagar constituency,” he said.

“Assam tops the list among the Indian states in the crimes against women. Last year,48 women were raped and killed in Assam.Every day instances of chain snatching,sexual harassment is becoming common in cities like Guwahati.For raising this imp issue I was suspended from the ALA,” he wrote in a tweet.

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