Allahabad HC: Use of loudspeakers in mosques not fundamental right

Guwahati: The Allahabad High Court declared on Friday that  azaan on loudspeaker is not a fundamental right.

The court made the comment while dismissing a petition submitted by Irfan of Budaun, who wanted to use loudspeakers in the Noori Masjid to perform Azaan.

“It has now been established that using the mosque’s loudspeaker is not a fundamental right.” In the contested order, a compelling justification has never been presented. As a result, we determine that the current petition is manifestly misconceived, and it is dismissed,” the court ruled.

The court also noted that while azaan is an important element of Islam, it is not part of the religion to give it through loudspeakers.

Azaan is an important component of Islam, but giving it through loudspeakers is not,” a bench led by Justice BK Vidla and Justice Vikas declared.

In its ruling on the case, a two-judge bench of the Allahabad High Court observed that courts have already held that the use of a loudspeaker to call for prayer is not a basic right.

It may be mentioned that Azaan is the Islamic call to prayer, which is recited five times during the day at specific intervals. A muezzin is someone who announces the call to prayer five times a day at a mosque.

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