Another murder startles Delhi: Man’s body chopped into pieces & stored in fridge

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Guwahati: While the murder of Shraddha Walkar is still being investigated, a new report from eastern Delhi mentioned another event that was similar.

According to reports, a woman was detained in Pandav Nagar in east Delhi by the Delhi Police crime department after she allegedly used her kid from a previous marriage to help kill her husband.

The intriguing aspect of the incident was its resemblance to the murder of Shraddha Walkar since the woman had also dismembered her husband’s body and placed the fragments in a refrigerator before disposing of them.

According to reports, the woman sliced the body into 10 pieces, put them in the refrigerator, and then threw the pieces away over the course of a few days.

When Poonam, the wife, discovered that Anjan Das had sold her jewellery and sent the proceeds to his previous wife in Bihar, she killed him.

His first wife and their eight kids were residents of Bihar.

She and her son Deepak devised a plan to murder him. She had a son from a previous union named Deepak.

When confessing to the crime to the police, her son claimed that the only reason he agreed to do was because Anjan used to harass Poonam.

In June, they allegedly strangled him and spiked his drink to kill him.

They dismembered his body after he passed away and scattered the pieces throughout the city. Police have so far only found six pieces, though.

It should be noted that the police opened an investigation after discovering the body pieces nearby Pandav Nagar in June.

As the body pieces were already deteriorated, the police were unable to do much to investigate the case, but they did learn that the parts belonged to a male.

Following the Shraddha Walkar murder investigation, the police looked more closely at the CCTV footage and discovered that the mother-son team frequently visited the location where the body parts were discovered.

As they continued their inquiry, the police discovered that Anjan Das, a resident of the area, had been missing for more than six months and that his family had not reported him missing.

When Poonam and Deepak were questioned by the police, they admitted to the crime they were accused of committing.

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