APDCL Might have to be Privatized: Assam Power Minister

The Assam Power Distribution Company Limited (APDCL), might have to be privatized if it will not turn into a profitable enterprise within next 5 months, said by Bimal Borah, Power Minister of Assam on June 10 while addressing a meeting at Bijulee Bhawan Guwahati.

By the time Mr. Bora stated that APDCL is currently running at a monthly loss of Rs.25 lakhs, mainly it is attributed by power theft by companies and business. On June 9 a raid was conducted at Boragaon area of Guwahati, they managed to detect power theft by two Companies namely Shiv Alloy Steel Private Limited and Jaiswal Alloy Steel Private Limited. As they are liable to pay Rs.25 lakh per month they pay only about 8 lakhs, this will be intolerable and such raid will be continue stated by Bimal Borah.

On the other hand various government offices yet to clear electricity dues to the tune up to Rs.106 crores. As Mr. Borah also said the Assam government has over Rs.1200 crores of liability in APDCL. The government cannot run the department at such loses, the government will have no other option but to privatized.

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