Arunachal: Itanagar Youths Spearhead River Cleanliness Drive on International Day for Biodiversity

Northeast Desk, 22nd May: On the occasion of the International Day for Biodiversity, the Youths of Abotani Colony welfare committee, with the support of NGO Youth Mission for Clean River and IMC Ward no. 6 Corporator, initiated a river cleanliness drive in Itanagar.

The theme for this year’s International Day for Biodiversity is “Water & Biodiversity,” aligning with the United Nations’ declaration of 2013 as the International Year for Water Cooperation. This theme underscores the critical importance of water security and the preservation of ecosystem services and biodiversity in water development plans.

Taz Gyamar, the Corporator of Itanagar Municipal Corporation for Ward No.6, emphasized the significance of protecting streams and rivers, particularly the Yogomso river. He highlighted concerns regarding pollution levels and the adverse impact on public health and the environment. Gyamar expressed gratitude to the participating societies, NGO Youth Mission for Clean River, and Abotani Colony welfare committee for their support.

Advocate SD Loda, Chairman of Youth Mission for Clean River, reflected on the degradation of Itanagar’s streams over the years. He recalled a time when these streams were pristine and used for recreational activities like fishing and swimming. Loda lamented the current state of pollution and urged government authorities to take action. He emphasized the need for effective enforcement of water pollution laws and urged citizens to play their part in preserving water bodies.

The river cleanliness drive signifies a collective effort to address water pollution and promote biodiversity conservation in Itanagar. With continued community involvement and government support, initiatives like these can contribute to the restoration and protection of the region’s water resources.

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