Ashok Singhal: Eviction Drive to Begin in Guwahati

Guwahati: Assam Minister for Housing and Urban Affairs Ashok Singhal announced on Wednesday that the “Mission Flood-Free Guwahati” initiative will involve an eviction drive in the city.

Singhal said, “Eviction drive will be conducted soon in Guwahati at locations where people have illegally encroached lands near rivers and streams.”

The eviction process has just begun in Rukminigaon.

The minister has blamed the citizens of Guwahati for the artificial flood and waterlogging that occurs every time there is heavy downpour in the city.

He said, “Various steps have been taken to make the city flood-free including desilting of Bahini River that flows through the southern part of Guwahati and Laksmi stream.”

The ministry has also adopted a development scheme for the Bharalu River’s guard wall building.

Meanwhile, desilting of drains has begun in various Guwahati locations.

Desilting operations at Silsako after lowering the water level as well as Sijubari were completed yesterday.

Moreover, a group from Ahmedabad will be brought in to operate the super sucking machine.

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