Assam: Abduction of Executive Member’s Brother Sparks Concern in Haflong

Guwahati, 19th April: A disturbing incident unfolds in Haflong as Prasanjit Naiding, the brother of North Cachar Hills Autonomous Council (NCHAC) Executive Member Monjit Naiding, is allegedly kidnapped during his marriage celebrations by a group claiming to be the United Dimasa Liberation Army (UDLA). The viral photo on social media depicting the abduction has sparked widespread concern.

Authorities swiftly respond to the situation by filing an FIR against the UDLA group, indicating proactive measures to address the issue. However, the motives behind the abduction and Prasanjit’s safety remain uncertain, prompting mounting worries among community members.

Efforts are underway to locate Prasanjit and secure his release, with both NCHAC and local authorities mobilizing resources for the task. The incident has garnered support from the community, as efforts continue to ensure Prasanjit’s safe return and provide assistance to the Naiding family during this distressing time.

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