Assam: AJP Block Roads in an Anti-Govt Protest

Guwahati: The Assam Jatiya Parishad (AJP) participated in an anti-Assam government protest on Sunday in Hajo while yelling anti-government slogans.

According to reports, party members and leaders came to block a route in opposition to the state’s BJP government.

Protestors blocked the Guwahati – Hajo – Barpeta road today causing hindrances to the general public.

A sizable crowd of protesters screamed anti-government slogans under the direction of the regional Assam party.

Meanwhile, it has come to light that they objected to the BJP devaluing the state government’s Orunodoi scheme.

According to the protestors, the government ought to have given the poor such financial support. However, the BJP is exaggerating the success of the flagship programme.

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