Assam: Badruddin Ajmal Challenges CM Sarma and Opponent Amid Accusations

Guwahati, 1st April: In the midst of mounting accusations and political fervor, Badruddin Ajmal took a jab at Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on April 1. He asserted his autonomy in personal matters, stating that he does not require the Chief Minister’s permission for marriage decisions. Ajmal also called for a thorough inquiry regarding rhino poaching, challenging his opponent’s credibility and accusing him of spreading misinformation.

Amid allegations linking his potential victory to increased terrorism and environmental concerns, particularly regarding rhino poaching, Ajmal called for a thorough inquiry led by Sarma’s vigilance team. He expressed concern over false allegations hurled by his opposition and outlined plans to counter them with documented evidence once Ramadan concludes. Ajmal emphasized his track record of consecutive leadership mandates and expressed confidence in securing a significant victory margin, particularly in Barpeta.

Ajmal directly targeted his opponent, Rakibul Hussain, insinuating that he is actively engaging in campaigning activities during Ramadan, a month where lying is prohibited. He accused Hussain of spreading misinformation and highlighted his disbelief in the allegations put forth, especially regarding the purported loss of Congress seats due to UDF’s influence.

Addressing recent governmental decisions, Ajmal highlighted significant financial allocations for railway line construction and medical college development, aiming to showcase tangible contributions to his constituency. He also accused Congress leaders of aligning with Himanta Biswa Sarma, further fueling political tensions.

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