Assam: Bodoland Territorial Council Launches Green Bodoland Mission to Promote Sustainability and Conservation

Guwahati, 15th June: Pramod Boro, Chief Executive Member of the Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) today unveiled the official logo of the Green Bodoland Mission, marking a significant step towards promoting sustainability and environmental conservation in the region. The announcement took place at the BTC Secretariat, accompanied by a ceremonial tree plantation event to inaugurate the initiative.

Expressing his vision for a sustainable Bodoland, Pramod Boro took to Twitter to emphasize the mission’s objectives. “Our mission is to build a sustainable, Green Bodoland,” he tweeted. “Pleased to unveil the Official Logo of our flagship initiative, the Green Bodoland Mission, and attend the ceremonial plantation of trees organized under Green Bodoland Mission.”

The Green Bodoland Mission aims to bolster the region’s ‘tree economy’ through extensive tree plantation drives and conservation efforts. By enhancing green cover and preserving natural habitats, the initiative not only aims to restore ecological balance but also to stimulate economic growth in the Bodoland Territorial Region (BTR). The emphasis on promoting sustainable livelihoods underscores the mission’s dual objectives of environmental conservation and economic development.

The launch event witnessed the participation of community members, government officials, and environmental activists, underscoring a unified commitment towards fostering a greener and healthier Bodoland. This collective effort aligns with global initiatives aimed at combating climate change and promoting sustainability, positioning Bodoland as a proactive contributor to environmental stewardship.

Through the Green Bodoland Mission, the BTC aims to create a lasting impact by preserving the pristine natural environment of the region while paving the way for a sustainable future for generations to come.

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