Assam: Body of Missing Brother Recovered in Dibrugarh Drowning Tragedy After 2-Week Search

Guwahati, 21st November: After a relentless two-week search operation, reports confirm the recovery of Ananta Kakati’s body, who drowned in the Brahmaputra River.

Locals found his body floating in the Mohanaghat area of Assam’s Dibrugarh district on Tuesday.

This tragic incident occurred during a pind daan ceremony for their late mother on November 8, where Ananta and his brother Diganta slipped into the river.

Ananta, attempting to save Diganta, lost his life in the powerful currents of the Brahmaputra.

The police and Ananta’s family members have now reached the spot to recover his body.

Diganta, a married man and father of two girls, was mourned by his family and community, while Ananta’s sacrifice in attempting to save his brother adds to the heartbreaking display of sibling love.

The tragedy unfolded with a small girl accompanying the brothers, becoming the sole eyewitness and providing crucial details to the authorities.

Earlier, on November 13, Diganta’s body was recovered, nearly six days after the incident, and sent to Assam Medical College Hospital for post-mortem.

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