Assam Border DIGP Suspended

Guwahati: A senior IPS officer from Assam was suspended by the Home and Political Department as he allegedly made several foreign visits without prior permission from the Home Department since 2011.

According to a notification issued by the Home and Political Department, IPS officer Rounak Ali Hazarika had taken many visits abroad without taking any prior permission. These visits were allegedly made since his date of joining. Hazarika has been charged with “gross misconduct”.

The order added, “Disciplinary proceedings would also be initiated against Hazarika for gross misconduct and flaunting government guidelines.”

The notification further added that Hazarika has been barred from leaving the Assam police headquarters without acquiring permission.

His suspension was made under the section of All India Services (Discipline and Appeal) Rules, 1969.
Hazarika at the time of suspension was serving as the DIGP, Border.

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