Assam: BSF Foils Attempted Cattle Smuggling Along Indo-Bangladesh Border

Guwahati 12th February: The vigilant troops of the 45/49 Battalion Border Security Force (BSF) have successfully intercepted and seized 24 cattle worth Rs. 2,54,500 from various areas along the Indo-Bangladesh border. This effort marks yet another blow against the nefarious activities of cattle smugglers.

The seizure took place in the regions of Diara, Borelalga, and Devaneralga during the night of February 11 to February 12. The alert troops of the BSF, braving adverse weather conditions, thwarted the attempted smuggling of livestock. Specifically, 12 cattle were confiscated from Boreralga char, 09 from Diara village, and an additional 03 from Devaneralga char area, all under the vigilant watch of the BSF battalions.

Under the supervision of the SHQ Dhubri, BSF units have intensified their efforts to secure the Indo-Bangladesh International Border.

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