Assam: Centre Anticipated to meet with state officials on January 20 To discuss Kamatapur

Guwahati: Senior representatives from the Central government (GoI) and the Assam government on January 20 will meet to discuss Kamatapur.

According to reports, the central government has invited regional political parties with power in the projected Kamatapur as well as leaders of many organisations to attend the meeting.

Reportedly, consideration will be given to the organisations’ viewpoints on Kamtapur.

The formation of Kamtapur is also rumoured to occur at this meeting in Delhi on or before January 26.

The Ministry of Home Affairs made it clear that the Indian government is not considering any request to create a new state for Cooch Behar in a letter to Bhadreswar Barman, President of the International Koch-Rajbonshi.

Moreover, no news has a significant impact or a direct consequence on India’s government policy.

Reacting to the letter, the president of the International Koch-Rajbonshi Association said, “The age-old demand of Koch-Rajbonshi has been noticed and the centre along with the KLO is said to discuss the same for which we condemn.”

“International Koch-Rajbonshi Association to not support an extremist group like KLO,” he added.

The president further asserted that Koch-Rajbonshi has been ignored demographically and in terms of its cultural characteristics since independence.

Notably, the rebel organisation Kamatapur Liberation Organisation (KLO), a prohibited terrorist organisation active in northern Bengal and western Assam that calls for the creation of a separate Kamatapur state, has indicated a willingness in holding peace negotiations with the government.

The organisation stated in an email that the continuing peace negotiations between the KLO and the Indian government, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah, are virtually over. The letter went on to say that neither a domestic nor an international conspirator could obstruct the peace process.

Surya Koch, the deputy chief of the KLO, wished the people a happy new year and asked people to continue supporting the organization’s peace efforts, saying that the 29-year-old problem would soon be resolved.

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