Assam CM: 14-Year Jail Term For Husband If Wife Becomes Mother at the Age of 14

Guwahati: Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma while speaking at the ongoing budget session of the Assam Legislative Assembly that the government would take severe action against child marriage instances on March 20.

The Assam Chief Minister stated in a speech to the House on the seventh day of the present budget session that the government has set aside a budget of Rs 200 crore with the goal of eliminating child marriage incidents in the state by the end of 2026.

No one will be exempt from the rule, according to CM Sarma, who further explained that anyone caught forcing a female to have children before the age of 14 or marrying off their kids before the legal marriage age will receive a 14-year prison sentence.

“Our government will ensure that the husband of the girl who bears the burden of motherhood under the age of 14, will face jail term of 14 years”, said CM Sarma.

CM Sarma said that the POCSO Act does not require witnesses in order to obtain a conviction on discussing the necessity of witnesses in child marriage cases.

When releasing the Assam Budget 2023 on March 16, Assam Finance Minister Ajanta Neog noted that the state had high rates of maternal and infant mortality due to child marriage. So, the time had come for an urgent and quick solution to put a stop to this social malaise.

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