Assam CM: Govt Financially Strong To Pay Salaries

Guwahati: Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma stated on January 1 that the state government now enjoys financial stability and is not reliant on the federal government to pay salaries.

Assam Chief Minister spoke on the first day of the year and engaged with journalists from print, digital, and electronic media outlets, highlighting the numerous historic developments that have occurred in recent years under the current administration.

Sarma noted the historic financial stability attained and said that the government is no longer reliant on the federal government for the payment of staff salaries.

“Now we are receiving the salary amount of Rs 2500 crore internally through oil royalty, transport, excise. It is for the first time that we have achieved this landmark success after 75 years,” Sarma added.

“For pensioners, we are dependent on the Central government, but we are no more dependent on providing salaries to the state government employees on the government of India. Of the 900 crore amount received from the Central government is disbursed to the state pensioners and the remaining 1200-1300 crore is distributed among the state government employees,” added CM Sarma while disclosing the achievements of the government with respect to financial stability.

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