Assam CM Greets People on the Occasion of Me-Dam-Me-Phi

Guwahati: Me-Dam-Me-Phi, an Ahom community religious festival, is being observed in Assam today, January 31. As part of the festivities, people, particularly those from the Ahom community will pay honour to their ancestors.

On the occasion of Me-Dam-Me-Phi, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma extended greetings to the people.

The Ahoms’ Me-Dam-Me-Phi ceremony is primarily focused on paying tribute to their ancestors. Me-Dam-Me-Phi is an acronym that stands for “offerings,” “ancestors,” and “God.”

What you need know about Me-Dam-Me-Phi is as follows:

Since ancient times, the Ahom Kings have prayed on this day to remember their victory over the enemy and ward off peril in the future. For instance, King Siu-huim-mong, King Gadhadhar Singha, King Pramatta Singha and King Rajeswar Singha all performed religious ceremonies at Charaideo in honour of the Ahom Gods. Me Dam Me Phi, Dam Changphi, and Grihadam, the god of heaven, are all worshipped and given gifts at the Me-dam-me-phi festival.

Charaideo was the Ahom dynasty’s first permanent capital from the 13th century on and it also served as the monarchs’ final resting place. According to Ahom, ancestors quickly become gods when a person’s eternal soul combines with the Supreme Being’s soul.

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