Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma Announces Major Initiative to Honor Literary Icon Lakshminath Bezbarua

Guwahati, 23rd May: Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has announced a significant initiative to honor the legacy of Sahityarathi Lakshminath Bezbarua, one of Assam’s most celebrated authors. The initiative includes the renovation of Bezbarua’s residence, Sadhana Griha, in Sambalpur, Odisha, and the installation of a grand statue in his honor.

In a recent tweet, CM Sarma highlighted Bezbarua’s impact on literature and the cultural bridge he formed between Assam and Odisha. He stated, “Sahityarathi Lakshminath Bezbarua is one of the most illustrious authors of Assam. From his Sadhana Griha in Sambalpur, he composed some of his most iconic literary works. In many ways, he bridged Assam and Odisha. We have undertaken several efforts to renovate his residence and works are underway to install his grand statue in Odisha.”

Lakshminath Bezbarua, often revered as Sahityarathi, is celebrated for his profound literary contributions that have inspired generations. His residence in Sambalpur, known as Sadhana Griha, holds historical and cultural significance as the birthplace of many of his iconic writings.

Reflecting on a recent visit to Bezbarua’s Baax Griha and Sadhana Griha with Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan, CM Sarma expressed his admiration for Bezbarua’s humble beginnings. He tweeted, “Today, I accompanied Dharmendra Pradhan ji and visited his Baax Griha and Sadhana Griha to offer my respects. To see these humble origins from where he composed writings that inspired generations, was truly a memorable experience.”

The renovation project and statue installation are part of a broader effort to preserve and promote the cultural heritage associated with Bezbarua. These initiatives are expected to attract scholars, literary enthusiasts, and tourists, fostering a deeper appreciation for his contributions to Assamese and Indian literature.

Bezbarua’s works, penned from his Sadhana Griha, are renowned for their literary excellence and continue to inspire readers across generations. The restoration of his residence and the installation of his statue aim to commemorate his life and legacy, ensuring that his contributions are remembered and celebrated for years to come.

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