Assam Congress hits back at AIUDF President, says ‘AIUDF in BJP’s pocket’

Guwahati: Assam State Congress Committee President Bhupen Kumar Borah challenged AIUDF President Badaruddin Ajmal to substantiate his public allegation, saying, “Let the AIUDF leader prove that I accepted Rs 100 from his party and the BJP. I’m prepared to step down as APCC president and leave my political and public life behind if Badaruddin Ajmal can establish the veracity of his claim.”

President Bhupen Kumar Borah expressed his outrage in front of the media in New Delhi today and added that Badaruddin Ajmal could in no way substantiate his claims. It should be mentioned that AIUDF chief Badaruddin Ajmal had criticised Bhupen Kumar Borah’s political and personal integrity while making the charge that Borah had accepted funding from the AIUDF and the BJP to engage in politics.

In a stinging retort to Ajmal, Borah claimed that despite the Congress publicly declaring that it will not work with his party, Ajmal was wild about forming an alliance with them. For the people of Assam, the BJP’s influence on Ajmal’s political career is nothing new. Everyone can see that Ajmal has been making public pronouncements and engaging in unusual and dishonest behaviour in an effort to attract the attention of the Congress leadership at various times. This disappointed leader has lost all sense of reality because he is crazy about creating a partnership with the Congress and feels ignored by Cong leaders while canvassing neighbourhoods.

Borah said that AICC General Secretary and Assam PCC in-charge Jitendra Singh had clearly stated that AIUDF is not an ally in Assam or in the UPA.

Congress General Secretary Jairam Ramesh has also released a written statement in which he clarifies that the AIUDF is a tool of the BJP and that the Congress has no affiliation with the group. Yet, the Congress is still being blamed by the disgruntled AIUDF and its leader Badaruddin Ajmal.

The people do not need to be reminded of the circumstances surrounding when and why Badaruddin Ajmal referred to Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma as the “best Chief Minister,” the position taken by the AIUDF in the most recent presidential and Rajya Sabha elections, as well as Ajmal’s activities in the Assembly and Lok Sabha, according to Bhupen Kumar Borah.

Borah added that Ajmal’s goal of an alliance will never come true, regardless of the diabolical plans or absurd techniques he employs or the things he says about the Congress and its leaders at the behest of the BJP-RSS.

“Ajmal’s statement- “I am a trader and will go wherever I get money”, has been and will always remain fresh in the minds of the people,” said Borah.

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