Assam: Construction Vessel MT Veeradatta Sinks in Subansiri River; Salvage Operation Underway

Guwahati, 22nd May: A maritime mishap unfolded as the vessel MT Veeradatta, laden with construction materials, plunged into the depths of the Subansiri River, sparking swift response efforts from the involved construction company. Prompt action led to the successful retrieval of a portion of the submerged ship, marking a crucial step in mitigating potential losses.

However, the ordeal is far from over as endeavors persist to salvage the remaining sections of the vessel and salvage its valuable cargo. The cause behind the vessel’s untimely demise and the extent of material loss remain subjects of rigorous investigation, as authorities work tirelessly to uncover answers amid the murky waters.

In this evolving narrative, the community awaits updates with bated breath, poised to glean insights into the circumstances surrounding this unfortunate incident. As the situation unfolds, vigilance and cooperation stand as pillars in navigating the aftermath of this maritime setback. Stay tuned for further developments as the story continues to unfold.

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