Assam: Criminal Escapes Custody in Dramatic Turn of Events at Charaideo District Hospital

Guwahati, 7th May: In a dramatic turn of events, Kajal Chetia, a criminal under police custody, managed to escape from Charaideo district hospital, leaving the Sonari police in disarray. The incident has sparked an intensive search operation by the authorities.

Chetia, who had been brought to the hospital for treatment, seized the opportunity to flee, catching the police off guard. The Sonari police, unprepared for Chetia’s swift actions, are now rigorously searching for the fugitive.

The escape has raised serious concerns about the security measures in place and the effectiveness of police protocols in handling detainees. Authorities are under pressure to promptly apprehend Kajal Chetia and restore public confidence in their ability to secure individuals in custody.

The ongoing search for Kajal Chetia continues, with police urging the public to provide any information that might lead to his capture.

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