Assam: Ex-Air India 320 Aircraft Turned Restaurant Gets Stuck Again, This Time in Guwahati

Guwahati, 7th January: The 118-foot-long scrapped ex-Air India 320 aircraft, en route from Mumbai to Assam for transformation into a family restaurant, faced another hurdle as it got wedged under a railway over-bridge in Jalukbari, Guwahati. This marks the second time the aircraft has encountered such an issue, the first being in Motihari, Bihar, last week.

With efforts from locals and the police team in Jalukbari, the truck transporting the plane successfully crossed the railway over-bridge after nearly four hours of hard work. The transformed airplane is destined to become the ‘Wings of Hazarika’ restaurant, set to open in Bhatiapara, Sivasagar district, making it the first of its kind in Northeast India.

Hariprasanna Hazarika, a young businessman from Sivasagar, owns the airplane restaurant, which has garnered attention for its unique concept. The plane, originally purchased for crores of rupees, is making its way to Assam to offer a distinctive dining experience for locals and visitors alike.

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