Assam: Ferry Service Between Majuli- Nimati Ghat Resumes From Today

Guwahati: The ferry service between Majuli-Nimatighat that was suspended from June 29 till July 1 has resumed from today (June 2).

The ferry services were suspended for three days due to the Brahmaputra River’s rising water levels together with dense fog and floating logs of wood.

The decision to reinstate the services was made by the Majuli district administration when the Brahmaputra’s water levels gradually dropped.

Meanwhile, thousands of daily commuters were facing difficulty as the ferry service is their only medium to cross the river from Afalamukh and Komolabari to the South bank of the river. People need to cross the river daily for business, medical and educational purposes via ferries.

Hundreds of people have gathered at the Afalamukh and Komolabari ghats since services resumed.

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