Assam Government announces 2% Power Tariff relief from 1st of April

Ahead of the Assembly Elections in Assam, the Assam Government that has been on a benefits doling out spree Today announced Two per cent slash on Power Tariff. The announcement came close on the heels of withdrawal of COVID-19 cess on Petrol, Diesel and Alcohol. The 15 paise per unit Tariff relaxation will be effective from April 1 though.

“There is an overall decrease of 2.0% (~ 15 paise) as compared to the existing tariff,” an Assam Electricity Regulatory Commission (AERC) statement said. The revenue loss will, however, be made up by introducing an additional charge of 50 paise per unit during peak hours.

“The Night off-peak rebate has been retained at Rs 2.00 per kWh, while the additional charges during the peak hours have been increased from Rs 1.50 per kWh to Rs 2.00 per kWh, in order to further incentivise eligible consumers categories to shift more of their consumption from peak hours to night off-peak hours,” the AERC said.

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