Assam: Health Scare in Karimganj as Dozens of Students Lose Consciousness

Guwahati, 6th January: Concerns arose in Assam’s Karimganj district when 35 students fell unconscious after the morning assembly on January 6. The incident unfolded at Ramakrishna Nagar Vidyapith Higher Secondary School, where the health of 30-35 students suddenly deteriorated following the assembly.

District Commissioner Mridul Yadav confirmed the situation, stating that medical teams from the district administration were dispatched to the school. A magistrate also visited to assess the incident, emphasizing the seriousness of the matter.

Preliminary reports suggest that the students, who did not have their breakfast, experienced dizziness. The students further complained of breathlessness. Notably, all the affected girl students have been admitted to Ramakrishnanagr hospital for medical attention.

Despite these details, the exact cause of the incident remains unconfirmed. Authorities are actively investigating to determine the triggers behind the health scare among the students.

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