Assam: Income Tax Department Conducts Raids on Congress Leader Prakash Goduka’s Office and Residence

Guwahati, 31st March: The Income Tax Department has launched a raid at the office and residence of businessman and Congress leader Prakash Goduka, situated at the Shine Tower in Arya Nagar, Guwahati. The operation, which commenced last night on the 5th floor of the Shine Tower, is currently underway, with teams from both Delhi and Assam collaborating in the endeavor.

The raid comes in the wake of allegations of tax evasion leveled against Prakash Goduka, stemming from his purported failure to file taxes. The deployment of a substantial team from the Income Tax Department signifies the gravity of the accusations and the meticulousness of the investigation being conducted.

In tandem with the office raid, the Income Tax Department has extended its scrutiny to Prakash Goduka’s residence in Ganeshguri, Guwahati. The simultaneous raids on both his office and residence underscore the comprehensive nature of the inquiry undertaken by the authorities.

As the raid unfolds, the public awaits further updates to glean insights into the progress of the operation and any potential ramifications for Prakash Goduka. Stay tuned for developments on this unfolding situation.

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