Assam Madrassas to now function as General Educational Institutions

The Assam Repealing Act 2020 has received the assent of Governor Professor Jagadish Mukhi. With the Assent of the Governor, the state-run Madrassas will now Function as the General Educational Institutions. Taking to Twitter, Assam Education Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said, “Historic & Progressive! Glad that The Assam Repealing Act 2020 has recieved the Assent of Hon Governor & has come into effect.

Madrassa Edu Provincialisation Act, 1995 and Assam Madrassa Education Act, 2018 stand repealed. All govt Madrassas will run as General Education Inst.” The Assam Government on December Passed a Bill at the Assam Assembly to convert the state-run Madrassas into General Educational Institutions.

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