Assam: Man Allegedly Strangles Wife During Cooking Amid Domestic Dispute in Chirang

Guwahati, 22nd November: In an alleged uxoricide case, a man is accused of strangling his wife with a rope while she was cooking at their residence in Amguri, located in Assam’s Chirang district.

The incident took place on Wednesday morning when the accused, Basruddin Ali (42), stealthily strangled his wife, Habiza Khatun (35), from behind using a plastic rope while she was immersed in the routine task of cooking.

Sources indicate that the escalation stemmed from an ongoing domestic dispute between the couple. After the fatal attack, Ali callously abandoned his lifeless wife in the kitchen and fled the crime scene. Neighbors discovered her body when they visited in the morning.

Following the discovery, the police were informed and a manhunt was initiated to apprehend the accused husband.

As of the latest report, no arrests have been made.

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