Assam man injured by dacoits after robbery bid in Uttar Pradesh, hospitalised

Guwahati, 20th February: In a distressing turn of events, Chandradhar Das, a resident of Assam’s Goreswar, was gravely injured by a gang of dacoits in Uttar Pradesh following a thwarted robbery attempt. Das, who was travelling from Mumbai to Assam, bravely confronted the dacoits and handed them over to the Railway Police Force on January 2. Despite his valiant efforts, Das fell victim to another attack by robbers while returning after collecting his robbed belongings, sustaining severe injuries.

Upon receiving news of the assault, Das’s family rushed to the hospital where he is currently undergoing treatment, expressing deep concern for his well-being. With Das in critical condition, his family appeals to Assam’s Chief Minister and local MLA Bhabesh Kalita for assistance in facilitating his treatment and ensuring the safe return of his wife and brother, who are in Uttar Pradesh attending to Das.

Expressing their distress, a family member remarked, “We are deeply troubled by Chandradhar Das’s plight. He endured a traumatic experience, and we implore the authorities to provide immediate medical care. We urge the Chief Minister and MLA Bhabesh Kalita to extend their support in aiding Das’s recovery and reuniting his family safely.”

Allegations have surfaced suggesting that the same gang of dacoits may have targeted Das again, depriving him of his belongings and leaving him stranded without means of communication. Sources indicate that the dacoits forcibly removed Das from the train, assaulted him, and abandoned him nearly 300 km away from the station. An unidentified individual later admitted him to a hospital and notified the family.

As Das’s wife and brother-in-law continue their search in Uttar Pradesh, local residents and family members anxiously await their safe return. Despite the distressing circumstances, there has been no response from the local police administration, leaving the family and concerned villagers apprehensive about Das’s and his family members’ well-being.

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